Watlow 的高品质 WATCONNECT 控制面板获得了危险和非危险场所 UL 认证

02/09/2017 12:00:00 AM



Watlow, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of complete thermal systems, recently announced that it received UL approval on four models from the new WATCONNECT line of control panels. The C2, C3, C4 and C5 panels are now certified for hazardous and non-hazardous locations, and they are available for immediate order and shipment. The C2 is the small non-hazardous panel, the C3 is the small hazardous panel, the C4 is the medium non-hazardous panel and the C5 is the medium hazardous panel.

WATCONNECT 控制面板所提供的标准功能通常只有定制设计的面板才提供,同时提供两周的交货期。面板采用了可靠性经过验证的 Watlow 控制器,例如 F4T with INTUITION 过程控制器。

Watlow’s non-hazardous panels are UL Listed, investigated to the requirements of UL508A, and cUL Listed, investigated to requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code CAN/CSA2 C22.2. Both of these safety standards provide requirements for the design, construction, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment, primarily to address fire and electrical shock hazards. 

The hazardous panels are UL Listed, investigated to NFPA 496: 2008 and UL698A, and cUL Listed, investigated to NFPA 496: 208 and CAN/CSA 22.2. NFPA 496: 2008 is the Standard for Purged and Pressurized Enclosures for Electrical Equipment and contains requirements for the 

design and operation of purged and pressurized electrical equipment enclosures. 

“Receiving UL approval on our small and medium hazardous and non-hazardous panels is an important milestone in the development of our WATCONNECT product line,” said Kevin Schloemann, vice president and general manager of Watlow’s energy processes business unit. “It assures our customers that our control panels are safe in explosive environments. Our WATCONNECT line is new but our customers can feel confident that they are buying a high-quality, superior Watlow product, and this assurance is just as important to us as the specifications of the product.”

WATCONNECT control panels are manufactured in Watlow’s new facility in Houston.

关于 Watlow

Watlow provides best in class engineering expertise and leading thermal products that enable customers to thrive.

Watlow 的专业经验涵盖半导体加工、环境试验舱、能源处理、柴油引擎尾气排放系统、医疗和餐饮设备等众多行业领域。

自 1922 年创办至今,Watlow 在产品性能、市场经验、全球开拓等方面取得了长足进步。The company holds more than 450 patents and employs 2,000 employees working in nine manufacturing facilities and three technology centers in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Watlow also has sales offices in 50 countries around the world. 公司将秉持为客户提供卓越的产品和服务,满足其个人需求的一贯承诺,持续发展。